Monday, May 26, 2008

[newspaper] Interview with Yamapi

Nikkan newspaper interview with Yamashita Tomohisa. Was printed in the paper around March 2nd~3rd.

There were times when you met fortune, but also times when your group member's scandals caused your activities to be stopped. You took group responsibility for it. Wasn't it upsetting to be wrapped into that?
Nope, there were no bad feelings about it. Quite the opposite, I was worried if they'd be OK. That feeling was big. It's mysterious, but I never had angry feelings about it.

What about the other members?
The members were really depressed and unsure what to do but I, without any basis for it, positively believed everything would be all right. We also decided that one by one we all had to just do what we could and do it well.

This is all of the paper I have seen and read. Japanese fan blogs claim it continued as follows:

Weren't you impatient [for NEWS to resume activity]?
I gradually felt that way. When KAT-TUN debuted I honestly thought "Dammit! [chikusho]". But I always endured it believing a chance would definitely come one day.

Did you talk over the comeback of the 2 members who caused a scandal with the jimusho?
No, nothing to that degree. When we were called in by the company and asked what we thought we conveyed to them that there are other people waiting so we would like to do so as well. What makes me happier than anything else is that they [Uchi/Kusano] were able to make a full comeback and now we're doing our best in the same field.

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